Organic Mechanics Container Ble OM Container Blend, 2 cu ft, 2 cu ft

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• Excellent drainage properties, yet holds moisture well. Container Blend utilizes rice hulls and pine bark to give it exceptional drainage, so it can be used for large container plantings, 2 gallon up to 50 gallon containers. 

• Perennials and woody plants love Container Blend! 

• Add organic fertilizer for best results. Add your favorite organic fertilizer at planting time. We recommend organic fertilizers for best results. Ask your local independent garden center for suggestions on organic fertilizers. Then usually have a couple options. Go with an all-purpose, balanced fertilizer, or go for one specific to your application. Example: Veggie fertilizer for the veggie garden, Citrus fertilizer for oranges, lemons, limes, etc. 

 Reuse it! Since our mixes are compost-based, they do not break down as quickly as peat-based mixes. In spring, or fall, simply fluff the mix back up, remove any large root balls (put them in the compost pile) and then replant! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Love your potting soil! 

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