Pieris Japonica Interstella, Andromeda #3

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From Proven Winners:

Distinctive, rich color makes Interstella lily of the valley shrub out of this world!

Forgive us for using maybe too many superlatives, but this plant earns them: Interstella pieris is one of the earliest blooming plants, starting its display of beautiful, bell-like, ruby-colored flowers before the calendar (and the weather!) even say its spring. And there are hundreds of them, dangling delicately from fine stems against a gorgeous evergreen backdrop. The flowers persist for a very long time - two months or more, often - and when they are done, the plant begins a dazzling display of star-like bright red new growth. So, obviously, it's beautiful, but there's more: this is possibly the most shade tolerant flowering shrub, blooming well even in very low light conditions, and it's deer resistant, too.

Top reasons to grow Interstella pieris:

- lantern-like blooms are delicately colored with a deep ruby tone.

- extremely early to bloom, and blooms are very long lasting.

- one of the best shrubs for shade.
Long Blooming
Winter Interest

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