Microbiota decuss. Celtic Pride Juniper - Russian, Celtic Pride, #3

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From Proven Winners: oking for an evergreen groundcover with delicate good looks but tough-as-nails performance? Try Celtic Pride Siberian cypress.

Its pretty fern-like foliage belies its durable nature. This plant is super hardy (down to USDA zone 2), tolerates light shade, tolerates dry conditions, and is untouched by deer. In winter, the plant takes on a russet-purple tone. Celtic Pride microbiota was selected for its uniform growth and resistance to the tip dieback that often plagues conventional varieties.

Top reasons to grow Celtic Pride Siberian cypress:

- Groundcover shrub transforms areas into a lush evergreen carpet

- Super hardy: true to its name "Siberian cypress," it can easily live in very cold climates

- Deer resistant
Fall Interest
Winter Interest
Small or Miniature
Grows 12-36' Tall and up to 6' wide

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