Viburnum dilatatum Tandoori Orange, Linden Viburnum #3 container

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From Proven Winners:

Outrageous orange to accentuate autumn!

Tandoori Orange® is the first orange fruited linden viburnum. With its bright fruit and excellent fall color, it's an excellent choice for improving your autumn landscape. But the show isn't limited to fall - in spring, it's covered in large white flower clusters and high quality corrugated foliage keeps it lively and interesting in summer. Viburnums are a widely used plant, thanks to their shade tolerance and deer resistance. Plant near Cardinal Candy® viburnum to ensure abundant fruit on both plants.

Top reasons to grow Tandoori Orange viburnum:

Orange fruit and fall color
Almost no work is needed for an excellent display
A good solution for shaded sites or areas with heavy deer activity

Produces Berries
Fall Interest
Grows 6-8' tall and wide

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