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Tree Saver

PHC® Tree Saver®


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We recommend using Tree Saver soil inoculant at the time of planting for most plants. Years ago we began using this product, and the results have spoken for themselves.  


What Is It?


Tree Saver contains four main ingredients:

1. Mycorrhizal Fungi

2. Rhizosphere Bacteria

3. Biostimulants (e.g. humic acids, kelp meal, malodextrin)

4. Terra-Sorb® Hydrogel


How Does it Work?


Tree Saver is designed promote healthy roots and create a more favorable root environment. Here is how the main ingredients contribute to these goals:


Mycorrhizal Fungi: Mycorrhizal fungi join with plant roots to form an association called mycorrhizae. In nature more than 90% of plants have some form of mycorrhizae. The benefits of mycorrhizae to a plant may include:

·         Increased water absorption (by as much as 700%)

·         Increased nutrient absorption (especially phosphorus)

·         Increased levels of plant hormones

·         Increased stress tolerance

·         Decreased probability of plant disease


Rhizosphere Bacteria: The area around plant roots, called the rhizosphere, may be improved by the presence of bacteria. Beneficial bacteria facilitate soil reactions that make nutrients available for plant uptake.


Biostimulants: Biotimulants enrich the soil profile. They create a good environment for beneficial microbes to grow in and play a role in the processes that make nutrients available to plants.


Terra-Sorb® Hydrogel: Hydrogel is a temporary ingredient that absorbs and stores water in the plant root zone. When the soil dries out plant can access the water stored in the hydrogels. By the time the hydrogels break down the plant should be through the critical time of root establishment following transplanting. 


How Do I Use It?


Tree Saver is sold in 3 oz packets. It is best used at the time of planting.

1. Dig the hole for the plant.

2. Place the plant in the hole and fill approximately half of the hole with soil.

3. Incorporate the correct amount of Tree Saver into the hole.

4. Finish filling the hole with soil.

Can I Use Tree Saver On All My Plants?


Tree Saver is compatible with most ornamental plants. Ericaceous plants (those belonging to the Ericaceae) are the exception. Plants in the Ericaceae need specialized mycorrhizal fungi, which is not readily available. This means Tree Saver should not be used with azaleas, mountain laurels, blueberries, rhododendrons, or pieris.

Sources: Compiled from experience and product information . For more information visit us on the web at