Nativar Shrub Aronia mel. Ground Hug Chokeberry, #3

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From Proven Winners:

The easiest way to a lush carpet of green.

Ground Hug™ aronia is a super tough native shrub that naturally grows as a dense groundcover. This unique habit makes it the ideal plant for transforming difficult areas into beautiful, low maintenance plantings. Spring brings a flurry of dainty white flowers nestled among the glossy green foliage; come fall, dark purple berries develop, along with outstanding red foliage. Like our other aronias, Ground Hug is super durable, growing well even in challenging soil and conditions - it's up to your toughest landscape challenges!

Top reasons to grow Ground Hug aronia:

- Naturally grows as dense groundcover, keeping down weeds, stabilizing soil, and beautifying difficult areas.

- White flowers in spring plus vivid fall color.

- Tolerant of most any soil conditions.
Produces Berries
Fall Interest
Drought Tolerant
Salt Tolerant
Native to North America
Small or Miniature
Grows to 8-14" tall and 36" wide in full to part sun

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